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Block Making Machine

brick making machine

Brick Making Machine

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Machine Accessories


Proportioning, mixing, compacting, curing, and drying are all part of the procedure. Water, cement, gravel, sand, and other materials are used to make the concrete mixture. Pour the mixture into your molds and press them using the machine. Then dry the bricks in the sunshine.

Yes, it is. India is the world's second-largest brick manufacturer. India alone produces 13% of the 1300 billion bricks each year in Asia. Brick and block manufacturing provides a basic entry-level for anyone interested in this business. If you have a good business idea and a sustainable brick-block manufacturing business plan, it is relatively easy to enter this market.

In India, the Steel Land Machinery Works is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class automatic and manual bricks-blocks-making machines and its accessories. It is quite well-known in the market.

There are numerous types of automatic and manual brick-block making machines available on the market. Such as the solid block making machine, paver block making machine, hollow block making machine, concrete block making machine, and fly ash brick making machine.

An automatic brick making machine could be more expensive than a manual brick making machine. The automatic brick making machine price in India can range from ₹20,00,000 to ₹60,00,000 depending on its specifications and features.

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