Different types of Bricks and how to choose the right one?

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Different types of Bricks and how to choose the right one?

Bricks are a kind of construction material that are usually composed of clay, sand, lime, or concrete. Walls, pavements, and other architectural elements are typically built with them. Depending on the materials used to create them and their intended use, bricks can be made in a wide range of forms and varieties with the help of the best block making machine. Their durability, strength, and resistance to fire are the reasons they are still a preferred choice for building materials. In this article, we will discuss different types of bricks and how you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Different types of bricks

Sun-dried bricks

These are created by molding wet clay that has been combined with fibres like straw, and then letting them dry in the sun. Although sun-dried bricks are less expensive to produce and are frequently used for temporary buildings, they are not as sturdy and durable as burnt bricks.

Burnt clay bricks

These bricks are available in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors and are robust and long-lasting. They are created by molding wet clay, which is then fired in a kiln at a high temperature. Burnt clay bricks are a group of four types of bricks that are commonly used in construction, particularly in regions with an abundance of clay.

Fly ash bricks

These are created by squeezing a mixture of cement, water, and fly ash—a waste material from coal-fired power plants—into molds. They are frequently utilized for load-bearing structures since they are an affordable and environmentally beneficial substitute for conventional clay bricks.

Concrete bricks

Cement, sand, and water are combined to make these, and the mixture is then poured into molds. They are resilient to weathering and fire, sturdy, and long-lasting. These bricks are frequently used as paving stones and in load-bearing constructions.

Calcium silicate bricks

They are strong, long-lasting, and fire-resistant, and they are constructed of sand and lime. They can be used in high-rise buildings or other locations where thermal insulation is crucial because they are lightweight and have good insulation qualities.

How to choose the right brick for your project?

As discussed above, bricks come in a variety of types and if you are somebody who does not have any idea about them, it could be a little confusing for you to choose the right one. Below are some of the factors you can consider while choosing the brick.


There used to be a time when bricks used to come only in red colour but now Bricks come in different colors and you can select the one that you feel is right. Also depending upon the project, you can select the most suitable bricks for yourself. For commercial projects like godowns and factories, colors do matter a lot but for home, you can select different colors based on different places of your home.

Patterns and trends

Just like colors, patterns and trends matter a lot when it comes to selecting the right brick for your project. There are many different patterns and trends available in bricks these days that suit different purposes. Some are colourful, some are trendy and some are calm, and based on your project you can select the type of pattern.


Different types of bricks with different colors and patterns come at different prices. The cost varies from sizes to colors and finally patterns. While simple looking bricks are affordable and can be used anywhere, trendy ones are costlier and cannot be afforded by everyone. You can select the bricks based on your budget.

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