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How Fly Ash Bricks Are Made With Brick Making Machine

Bricks are one of the choices of constructors for choosing the best materials for their projects. It is fact that these are widely known as well as their demand in the market, also their machines are very much popular.

Fly ash bricks making machines are very eco-friendly and durable to make bricks. With the help of these machines, it is easy and quick to make more bricks in limited time slop.

Let’s understand the complete process of how fly ash bricks are made with brick making machine.

Process of Making Fly Ash Bricks


1. Mixing Process

The main and most important phase for making fly ash brick is to mix the raw material as well. The quality and strength depend on the mixing process. There are different types of materials that will be mixed in the following ideal materials.

➔ Fly Ash

➔ Sand

➔ Sludge Lime

➔ Gypsum

➔ Grit 4 MM to 8 MM

➔ Crusher Dust 0 MM

➔ Cement

➔ Water

These All Materials Can be Used in Fly Ash Brick Making Machine.

In the mixing process, after adding sludge, lime, and gypsum with some water it is suggested to mix well and appropriately. After that add a proportion of sand and fly as above mentioned. And mixed it for some time till it is not mixed properly. With this our basic raw material manufacturing process comes to an end.

2. Pressing Process

In the second process, the raw material that we made is added to the hopper. Through the hopper, the raw material will go into the pressure machine and it will be filled in the mold. Later on, it will be put into the shape of brick by applying pressure.

In the pressing process, to maintain the shape of brick the wooden or thought plastic pallet is used. To do this process very less hardly 1 or 2 laborers can be required to put these pallets below the pressure machine.

3. Curing and Drying Process

After the brick goes through by above two processes now it turns to do cure and dry the brick. When a brick is made, it is stored in a very safe chamber and placed through a pallet truck. Then it is kept outside to dry for around 10-15 days in the sunlight.

So, this is the whole process the bricks are made. This process is not hectic and difficult as you go accordingly and wisely. Mostly, in this process labor cost is a bit more if you do have not a A Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine.

As the form of the solution, Steel land machinery worksdevelop the qualitative and standard brick making machine that reduces the labor cost and takes less time in the brick making process mentioned above.

In the Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine, all you need is to put all raw materials only in their bin. After this, all the material will reach the pan mixer through the conveyor belt. With the help of this belt, it will again go to the hopper and be mixed well.

After that, the pallet automatically goes into the machine. And on the top of the pallet, the raw material will be pressurized and come out in the form of a brick. And then, the pallet stacker automatically arranges the bricks produced by the pressure machine.

In this whole process, around 6 laborers are required. This means that you will get quality work at half the cost of labor. Also, it becomes a one-time investment for any manufacturer. This shows that the automatic fly ash brick making machine is much better than the manual fly ash brick making machine in all aspects.

Check out our illuminative video of the Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine.

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