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why fly ash bricks are good for construction?

With new technologies, new architectural styles, and new challenges, the construction industry is rapidly changing. New construction resources are introduced on a daily basis, alongside new approaches. One such material that has grown in popularity over the last few years is known as fly ash bricks. Let’s look at what fly ash brick is and why you should use it.

What Is Fly Ash Brick?

According to Wikipedia, Fly Ash Brick (FAB) is a building material composed of class C and class F fly ash and water. The manufacturing process of FAB differs significantly from that of traditional red bricks. These bricks are compressed at high pressure using a fly ash brick making machine and kept outside in the sunlight for 24 hours to dry.

Reasons To Choose Fly Ash Bricks For Construction

Many individuals are puzzled when deciding between fly ash bricks and red(Clay) bricks. They are unsure of the benefits that these bricks offer. To help them out, we have listed the 7 key characteristics of fly ash bricks below.


Higher Strength

Produced with our fly ash brick making machine, the fly ash brick has extremely high strength. Because of this, it sustains very little or no damage during transportation or when moving from one location to another. Besides that, the thinner cement plaster between the bricks reduces the possibility of cracking. Overall, the higher strength of the fly ash bricks ensures the construction’s longevity and durability.



Another feature of fly ash bricks that makes them an ideal building material for multi-story buildings or skyscrapers is their lightweight. According to Irish government research, the average weight of a fly ash brick made with a fly ash brick making machine is 2.6kg. This property, in turn, reduces the dead load on the structure and provides dimensional stability making it an ideal material for multi-story buildings.



Another advantage of using fly ash bricks produced with fly ash brick making machines over red bricks in construction is the lower cost. Whereas clay bricks cost around INR 5.00-8.00 per brick, fly ash bricks cost around INR 3.50-6.00 for the same size brick. In other words, it will be 30% less expensive than traditional clay bricks. For this reason, when the construction is large, the total savings from these bricks will be significant.


Require Less Mortar

Since fly ash brick has a very flat and smooth surface, it requires less mortar to join with other bricks. In addition, the symmetrical and plain surface facilitates the construction of a stronger structure when compared to clay bricks. The bricks will fit together very nicely. Moreover, the reduced need for mortar eventually contributes to a more cost-effective construction. In a nutshell, less mortar requirement is another benefit of choosing fly ash bricks made with a fly ash brick making machine.


Low Water Absorption Rate

Fly ash bricks absorb less water than clay bricks. Remember that the ideal water absorption rate for bricks is between 12 and 20%. Fortunately, fly ash bricks have a 10-12% water absorption rate compared to clay bricks, which have a 20-25% water absorption rate. Low absorption rates eventually prevent the structure from dampening the water, thus keeping them healthy for a long time. This quality is critical, especially when the construction is in a rainy area.


Higher Fire Insulation

The fly ash bricks produced with a fly ash brick making machine also provide excellent fire resistance to the structure. In the event of a fire, the bricks will prevent the fire from easily spreading from one location to another or from penetrating the structure. This means you’ll have enough time to put out the fire and save the property from major damage. The fire resistance also keeps the inside of the property from becoming too hot during the summer or on hot days, keeping the internal area nice and cool.


No Transport Breakage

As previously stated, fly ash bricks have high strength. This quality allows you to transport them easily and safely over long distances without fear of breakage. Even if you transport hundreds of tons of bricks, the damage percentage will be significantly lower than when transporting clay bricks. The minimal damage will reduce overall construction costs and contribute to the project’s affordability.

In addition to these qualities, fly ash bricks created with fly ash brick making machines are sound-resistant, have a high density, have a higher load-bearing strength, and more. All of these characteristics combine to provide construction strength and dimensional stability.

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