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An Explanation: How To Make Paver Blocks

The paver block is the most trending for robust constructions. Therefore, a standard paver block making machine is required for heavy-duty block manufacturing.

These paver blocks are the perfect for high-traffic applications because it is able to give exceptional support to substantial loads. You have various benefits from using it such as longevity, around many years. Paver blocks are versatile as they can be used in residential and commercial premises.

So let’s take a look at the process and required materials to make paver block.

How to make a paver block?

To make a paver block, you must know the process and required materials first. The raw materials which are used to manufacture paver blocks are crusted stone dust, Grit4mm to 10mm, cement, Concrete admixture, and water. The aggregate which is the sand, crushed stone, slag, and recycled concrete are also used to make paver blocks.

Although, you can also use some other materials according to your requirements. In addition, a color coating is used to give a shiny surface to the paver block.

The foremost thing to make paver blocks is the technical paver block making machine with high production capacity with low maintenance. Steel land machinery works is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality block and brick making machines, to know about our machine and its technical details, check our collection.

After knowing the initial things to make a paver block, let’s take a look at the process of manufacturing a paver block.

The Process of Making a Paver Block

The process involves mainly four stages- Proportioning, Mixing, Compacting, and Drying. The standard proportion to make the paver block is 1:3:5, which means 5 parts of aggregate, 3 parts of sand, and 1 part of cement. However, this ratio can vary according to your needs.

This proportion of all raw materials is mixed well with the water for few minutes in the pan mixer. In the compacting stage, raw material is filled into the mold with the help of a feeder and converted into a block by receiving pressure from the machine.

In this process, high vibration is also given to the mold to fill the material well. This is a special feature of our machine. Then afterward, it’s time to cure the block under the sunlight. The blocks consist very less time to gain exceptional strength.

Let’s see some machines which we offer to make blocks. We provide 3 different block making machines which describe as under with their technical specification.

A Collection of Paver Block Making Machines:

1. 10 pcs fully automatic paver block making machine

This automatic paver block machine can produce 10 blocks in one operation and with hydraulic jacks for compression of 4000 PSI. The block can be ready within 20 seconds.

The fully automatic 10 pcs paver block making machine helps to decrease the labor cost of the business, it requires very less workers. Also, it consists of very less electricity around 32 HP.

2. 8 pcs fully automatic paver block making machine:

This automated machine can produce 10000 to 12000 pcs of paver blocks in 8 hours with hydraulic jacks for compression of 3500 PSI. The system that is used in the machine is an electronic pressure control volume system, vibrator control system, and MS steel sensor system with an auto stop facility.

In addition, the hydraulic speed control system helps to maintain or increase the speed of the machine so every block is made with the same quality and standard.

3. 4 pcs fully automatic paver block making machine:

This machine is capable to produce 5000 to 7000 paver blocks in 8 hours. It provides the facility of the double feeder with the 3000 PSI hydraulic compression. Also, it requires 20 HP power and 6 to 7 labor with 1 skilled person.

With the plate vibrating system, this machine is capable to make 4 blocks in one operation. All of these machines also come with a color mixer that allows you to make colored paver blocks and an advanced electrical panel board control system.

Would you like to know how many blocks you can make in a day or a month with the help of this machine? Let’s know.

How To Calculate Paver Blocks?

The interesting fact is that anyone can get an estimate of the time to make a paver block. The electrical panel boardor PLC panel helps to know the overall production.

The panel has a facility that is displayed the history of the every days of production which can help to know the total outcome. With the help of this panel, you can also convert our automatic paver block making machine into a semi or manual machine.

You must choose the best machine which has very low maintenance with qualitative outcomes. Keeping all these things in mind we provide the above-mentioned paver block making machines that can make diverse sizes and styles of paver blocks such as Zic-zac, Hexagone, I-shape block, and more.

Steel Land Machinery Works is a very reputed name in the manufacturing block and brick making machines which are certified by ISO 9001:2015. To know more details about our machine explore our catalog.

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