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Overview of Steel Land’s Brick and Block Making Machine

Fly ash bricks are well-improved quality bricks mostly used in architecture. The paver and hollow blocks are very favored as well. These bricks and blocks are mostly used in parking areas, road sidewalks, gardens, and also in bridge and road-making.

The main reason behind the acceptance is the incredibly sturdy material for construction, which requires less maintenance and more. Along with the demand for bricks and blocks, its manufacturers have also increased a lot. There are many automatic and manual brick and block making machines accessible in the market.

Steel Land Machinery Works is a prominent name among brick and block making machine manufacturers in India. We produce more than 10 different types of brick and block making machines.

Such as Fully Automatic Fly Ash/Concrete Making Machine, Fully Automatic Paver/Hollow Block Making Machine, Fully Automatic Solid Block Making Machine, and Manually Paver Blocks & Brick Making Machine.

We offer highly durable brick and block making machines with innovative and latest technology approved by ISO since 2015. Our main mission is to provide high standards and affordable machines with premier services including after-sale services to provide the purest customer satisfaction to the customers.

Let’s see some brick and block machines of Steel Land Machinery Works and get to know their features and technical details.

Steel Land Machinery Works Brick and Block Making Machines

1. Fully Automatic Paver Block Making Machine

Steel Land machinery produces fully automatic paver block making machines in three different block making capacities. In which 10 blocks, 8 blocks, and 4 blocks can be made sequentially in a single operation.

Fully automatic paver block machines have two types of system- Oil cooling system and a plate vibrating system. Along with this machine, a pan mixer machine is also provided for mixing raw material and a pallet truck for moving raw material from one place to another.

With this automatic paver block making machine, you can make blocks in diverse designs and sizes like Zigzag, I-Shape, Hexagone. And it is capable to produces 15,000 blocks in 8 Hrs.

2. Fully Automatic Fly Ash/Concrete Brick Making Machine

The fully automatic fly ash/concrete brick making machine is accessible in 4 kinds of brick making volumes like 12 bricks, 10 blocks, 8 bricks, and 6 bricks per operation.

Automatic fly ash/concrete brick making machine produces bricks in size 9″ x 4″ x 3″ and can make up to 20,000 bricks in 8 Hrs. This machine also has an oil cooling system and plate vibrating system which comes with the pan mixer and pallet truck machines.

3. Manually Brick and Paver Block Making Machine

This manual brick and paver block making machine is convenient in 3 different types 70 Ton with 10 HP power, 90 Ton with 10 HP power, and 100 Ton with 12.5 HP power hydraulically operated power pack.

There is a slight difference among these machines. In the 70 and 90 Ton machine, the pressure is given to the bricks from below. And in the 100 Ton machine, the bricks and blocks are pressurized from above.

With 70 Ton manually brick and paver block making machine 2500 Bricks and 2500 Blocks can be made in 8 hours and with 90 Ton Machine 3500 Bricks and 3000 Blocks can be made in 8 hours. And With 100 Ton machine, 3500 Bricks and Blocks can be made in 8 hours.

However, there may be a difference in production capacity as it is also based on manpower. The attractive feature of these 3 machines is that it has two side working systems. This means that workers can work individually on both sides of the machine.

4. Fully Automatic Hollow Blocks Making Machine

Two diverse systems come with this fully automatic hollow block making machine one is a plate vibrating system and another is an oil cooling system. The best feature of this machine is that it gives superior vibration during block pressing process beacuse of the single feeder facilities.

Also, this machine has a color feeder to color the top layer of the Paver Block. With the help of this automatic hollow block making machine, 2 to 3 Blocks can be made in one operation and 3000 to 4000 Blocks can be made in 8 hours. This machine makes blocks in the size of 12” x 8” x 6”.

These are the main and standard machines of Steel Land Machinery Works. With all above-mentioned machines, one can be able to obtain the mechanical toolbox and mchine installation service for free.

Other than this, we also provide some small machine accessories like an automatic vibrator machine, color mixers, and pan mixers. If you want to know the price of all these machines then call us at +91 97145 11482 or mail us at steellandmachinery@gmail.com


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