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Tips To Start Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing Business

Fly ash bricks are extensively used in construction. Materials like fly ash, lime, gypsum, sand, Cement, Grit (0 mm to 10mm) are used to make it. These bricks are robust, safe, strong, and versatile. Even it is water-resistant, recyclable and gives less breakage.

The brick manufacturing business offers many advantages such as low capital investment, cost-effectiveness,green and eco-friendly to our society as it is made of recycled material from Fly Ash (thermal power plant), pollution free environment, and the process of making bricks is simple and easy to understand.

Before starting a fly ash bricks manufacturing business, you have to know about some tips and considerations of it. Let’s discuss these tips for manufacturing fly ash bricks.

10 things to consider for manufacturing Fly ash bricks

1. Determine a business plan

Firstly, you have to decide the objective and plan of the business. It is necessary to frame certain strategies like financial, market and operational to sustain and grow your business. You have to do some research on your competitor for framing the best strategy.

2. Required Space

For manufacturing bricks, you require a half-acre of land before starting a brick manufacturing business. It is best to have approx. 1 acre of land for manufacturing, distribution, transportation and stockpiling.

3. Abundance of Water

Fly ash brick manufacturing business requires a water on daily basis and it’s a integral part of brick, so set up a plant and find the best source of water where freshwater is readily available.

4. Availability of Raw material

Once you have determined the factory location of the business you should arrange the raw materials. Therefore, it is very important to conduct market research for the availability of raw materials. You must find availability of raw material from the nearby areas to save transportation costs and ensure timely delivery.

5.Required Machinery

Almost all manufacturing business depends on machinery, it is the core of this business. So, buy machinery from reputed brick making machine manufacturers. Choosing the best supplier of brick making machine company will ensure your healthy start of your business.

6. Worker attainability

Mostly, manufacturing businesses struggle with labour shortages. Brick making business requires laborers working in all season environments for long periods of the day. But you can produce more bricks with less labour with the help of Steel Land Machinery Works’ automatic fly ash bricks making machine.

7. Costing

If you want to calculate the overall cost, you must consider direct and indirect costs of the company, which include the labour, material, electricity, and water costs. So, without compromising on quality, you can reduce your overall cost by buying raw materials and machinery at the best price in the market.

8. Analyze the competitor

Since brick manufacturing is an evergreen business, there is competition at the regional level as well. To survive the competition, you must deliver exceptional quality to customers and form new business alliances with contractors and architects.

9. Profitability

For expert manufacturers and entry-level entrepreneurs, fly ash brick manufacturing provides a genuine source of profitability. The profits of the company are determined by the production costs. So by reducing the production cost, increase your profit.

The demand for this business is growing rapidly with time. Thus, we conclude the list of considerations you need to think about before starting a brick manufacturing business.

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