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How to Make Money from Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Business

It is fact that the India is a developing Country so construction of buildings, Bridges, roads, houses, apartments, offices are increasing day by day. Bricks are a very popular raw material for all construction because of their eco-friendly nature. The use of fly ash bricks has also increased since the red clay bricks were banned.

So to start a fly ash bricks manufacturing business is a very decent idea to make money. But starting a business requires an exploration of its scope and potential. So let us discuss the scope of the fly ash bricks manufacturing business.

Scope of Fly ash brick manufacturing business

If you are thinking to start a fly ash manufacturing business, then it is an excellent idea to make a valuable profit because the demand for fly ash bricks is very high in the construction industry.

Even the trend of fly ash brick is starting from a small town and village, which has now spread all over the country. Also, Fly ash bricks are an excellent alternative to red and cement bricks.

So the stability of this business is very high. If you can reduce the cost of raw material, labor, water supply, power supply then your profit margin can increase. If you have an automatic fly ash brick making machine then you can get more production with less labor cost.

So, there are lots of opportunities to make money in the brick manufacturing business. Now let’s discuss the production cost of the fly ash bricks.

Production Cost of the Fly ash brick manufacturing business

A production cost refers to the cost the company incurs from the manufacturing of bricks. The Production cost of the fly ash brick depends on various factors such as the price of raw materials, labor cost, power cost. Let’s discuss some of which below in detail.

1. Land Cost

Bricks manufacturing business needs an average of half-acre land with no proximity of the residential area. It is suggested that one-acre land is enough for stock and curing the bricks manufacturing with the place of machinery and other equipment.

2. Raw material Cost

Fly ash is commonly known as an alternative to cementitious material and its bricks are lighter and stronger than clay bricks. The raw material required for fly ash brick is water, fly ash, lime sludge, cement, aluminum powder, gypsum and other materials. The raw material cost and strength of brick depend on the mixing ratio of the materials.

3. Machinery Cost

Machinery cost is the main cost of the bricks manufacturing business. There are two types of machinery cost – Fixed and variable cost. Fixed cost includes depreciation, taxes, insurance and other maintenance costs while variable cost is indirect cost such as electricity. Good maintenance of the machine can reduce this cost.

4. Labor Cost

Bricks manufacturing business can be run by On the contract basis labour or fixed monthly cost labour. Its cost depends on the Machine Owner to choose labour working system which also reduces theemployee’s turnover ratio. To reduce it, you can use automatic fly ash brick making machines that produce many bricks at a time with minimum labour cost.

Also, hire skilled workers who can operate the machine easily. Let’s look at the profit and loss analysis of the brick manufacturing business.

Profit / Loss Analysis

Bricks manufacturing business is the best idea for making money because it is the evergreen most used construction material. If you have sustainable bricks manufacturing business plan, then you do not worry about the competition in the market, you just have to provide high-quality, durable and sturdy bricks.

As of now you must aware of the main objective such as the profitability, production costs, and scope of the bricks manufacturing business.

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