How To Maintain A Fly Ash Brick Making Machine: 5 Tips

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How To Maintain A Fly Ash Brick Making Machine: 5 Tips

To ensure optimum efficiency and long life, any machinery must be properly cared for and maintained. It is obvious that well-maintained machines can yield better output than poorly-maintained machinery. The same is true for the fly ash brick making machine.

Since these machines are quite often in contact with materials such as fly ash, lime, cement, and gypsum, they must be cleaned after each use. Failure to clean them after use will only harm the machine’s performance because the fly ash and other materials will erode the machine and reduce its efficiency.

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Tips To Maintain A Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

The following are the top 5 tips or methods for maintaining a fly ash brick making machine. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. A Quick Check Before You Begin

Before you proceed, take a quick look over the machine. It’s possible that some foreign objects got stuck in there after the last use. If this gets into a critical part of the fly ash brick making machines, such as the belt conveyor or hydraulic brick press, it can cause serious damage.

To avoid any such unpleasant situation that may severely harm the machine, it is always recommended that you take a quick glance at the machine and remove any foreign material that may be present before you proceed with production.

2. Thorough Cleaning After Each use

Cleaning the fly ash brick making machine after use is just as important as cleaning it before. Once you’re finished manufacturing fly ash bricks for the day, make sure your team thoroughly cleans the entire machine with water and other cleaning materials.

You should also use cleaning tools, such as a brick making machine cleaning brush, to remove any cement or other materials that may have piled up on the machine. After-cleaning will protect your machine from erosion and extend its life.

3. Periodic Maintenance and Service

In addition to pre and post-use cleaning, you should perform periodic maintenance on the fly ash brick making machine. For example, you can set a timeline to perform thorough maintenance of the machine check after a certain number of bricks are produced or after a specific time period.

This exercise typically includes activities such as inspecting the sharpness of the parts, checking and replacing worn and damaged parts, routinely inspecting machinery fluid levels, calibrating machines, rigorous analysis of belts and other equipment that comes into contact with materials, and so on.

4. Operated By Only Skilled Professionals

In addition to routine maintenance, you must ensure that the fly ash brick making machine is only operated by skilled professionals with the necessary experience. If the machine is operated by someone who is unfamiliar with the machine’s parts and operation, there is a strong possibility that the machine’s productivity and effectiveness will suffer.

On the contrary, if the machine is handled by a skilled professional, you can be assured of its health since the skilled operator will know how to use the machine, when to change specific parts, what to avoid, what to do in the event of a malfunction, and so on.

5. Regular Lubrication of Parts

Regular lubrication of the fly ash brick making machine is required to ensure seamless machine operation. Regular and timely lubrication will help reduce friction between two mechanical parts, preventing damage. Furthermore, it reduces wear and ensures that the entire machine runs smoothly.

For this reason, you must take lubrication seriously. Depending on the brick making machine type and requirements, you can choose between oil and grease lubrication. You can also set specific timelines for lubrication, such as every 2 months or after manufacturing ‘n’ number of bricks, just like you can for periodic maintenance.

We are optimistic that if correctly implemented, all of these 5 fly ash brick making machine tips will help you extend the life of the machine while also producing quality output.

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