Why Do We Use Fly Ash Bricks In India?

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Why Do We Use Fly Ash Bricks In India?

Bricks made of fly ash have the longest lifespan of any building material. Fly ash bricks are mostly used because of their strong, long-lasting construction, attractive look, low cost, and other qualities. Because fly ash bricks are so lightweight, they are ideal for use in multi-story buildings. Approximately 1000–10,000 bricks are produced each hour in India with the help of the best fly ash bricks machine in India. And the need for it in the building industry is growing every day. Fly ash brick has numerous benefits over conventional clay bricks. Like fly ash brick, which contributes to the preservation of the environment or natural resources. There are various uses of fly ash bricks in India which we will discuss in this article

Different reasons to choose fly ash bricks



The impression is formed by appearance, which is the most important factor. Fly ash bricks have a really attractive cement grey colour. In addition, it is denser than red clay bricks and has a consistent shade and quality. The best part is that using fly ash bricks minimises plastering costs by about 40% to 50% since putty may be applied simply over the plaster of Paris, which is made of gypsum, without the need for plaster.

Safe to use

Because fly ash bricks are relatively fire-resistant, they may be the safest building material available when compared to other materials. It even shields buildings from pests and other hazards.Since fly ash bricks absorb moisture at a rate of roughly 6 to 12%, they are also weather and moisture resistant. It is also very resistant to sulphate and other acids, and it helps to lessen moisture and humidity on the wall and ceiling.

Provides good strength at minimum cost

Bricks made with fly ash have less permeability and are incredibly strong and resilient. One element that reduces the cost of building is the ease with which the wall may be coloured by correctly linking all of the bricks without the need for plaster. The high quality bricks making machine covers more areas thus helps in overcoming the machinery as well as the labour cost.

Absorbs minimum heat

With the least amount of heat absorption, the fly ash brick maximises light reflection. Fly ash bricks have a 20% to 30% lower heat conductivity than concrete blocks. Because of its thermal conductivity, fly ash brick has the advantage of keeping the atmosphere cool throughout the summer and being adaptable to Indian climes. For this reason, it is highly favoured in India for building projects.

Amazing stability and noise resistant

Since fly ash bricks are produced from coal combustion waste in thermal power plants, they are environmentally benign. Other than the white category product, this brick does not pollute the atmosphere. Fly ash bricks are lightweight and offer strong sound insulation, making them a suitable way to reduce noise pollution. As a result of its reduced weight, this brick’s structure ultimately has minimal stress.

Increasing demand of fly ash bricks in India

The above uses have contributed to the popularity and significance of these bricks as building materials. Apart from this, one of the main factors influencing the demand for fly ash bricks and fly ash brick machines is the rise in building industry investments. Additionally, increased availability significantly increases the utilisation of these bricks. In addition to these advantages, starting a fly ash brick business offers many advantages and a fantastic chance to make money. Since many people these days do not want a 9 to 5 job and want to start a business, bricks manufacturing business can be a good option for them.


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